Herantis Pharma | Wednesday, September 27th

Patient recruitment started and first patient consented in the CDNF Phase I-II clinical study

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TreatER | Friday, June 30th

TreatER Horizon 2020 program website launched

EPDA | Wednesday, May 24th

How wearable devices can help people with Parkinson’s communicate better with their doctors

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EPDA | Thursday, April 13th

200 years of Parkinson’s disease: still no cure, but EU policy must drive improvements in quality of life

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EPDA | Tuesday, April 11th

World Parkinson’s Day: #Unite for Parkinsons social media campaign

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Herantis Pharma | Thursday, March 23rd

Herantis Pharma’s clinical study with CDNF in Parkinson’s disease authorized in Sweden

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